To begin my Campaign I want to recognize that we are on Treaty 6 Territory and I want to thank our Indigenous Nations for sharing and protecting the land.
I want to work towards Reconciliation and try to be an Ally.

Hi, my name is Rob Aromin and I am an Activist who believes in standing against social injustice.

I am also a Community Volunteer who strives for the betterment of our community.

And I am also a landscaper who believes in the power of the workers who build and grow cities.

Primarily, I am running for City Council for Ward 11 because, just like last election, I want to continue speaking out against privatization of our public service.
For example we are now seeing the flaws of the P3 privatized LRT; like traffic congestion at the Metro line and an inadequate station at the Arena.
Plus, is City Council serious about Ubertizing to replace Edmonton Transit at Chapelle Garden and where else can this lead to?

I am about making City Council more Transparent and Accountable by ending closed door meetings and having recordings immediately available to the public.

I also feel that there is a huge opportunity to invest in solar. This investment would create future savings in energy and be a great source of job creation; with the province's carbon tax, to fund green infrastructure projects, this investment is achievable.

Council should encourage home builders to add solar options to homes. Builders can purchase solar panels in bulk, have access to electricians, and then pass some savings to home owners when installing solar panels for less than retail.
Imagine the market stability of the home when electricity cost is reduced by more than the monthly payment for the solar panels. Once again the Province's Carbon tax revenue could also play a role in achieving this as well.

Now, let's talk about community bonding. There are town hall meetings so we can communicate.
There are also pancake breakfasts, BBQs and dances, so we can socialize.
Sure some Community leagues do this but, if elected Counselor, I will be there.
Then there is the Sharing Garden where we can grow some food for ourselves and share it with others while we grow together. This is a project that I’m passionate about so, win or lose this election, I want to grow with you.

All together, City Council should stop privatizing our public services.
City Council should be open and accountable.
City Council should invest in job creation and even create revenue with solar panels thus the peoples taxes might actually go down instead of continuing to go up.
Most importantly, let's work towards connecting more as a community.

Activism & Community Projects

Vote Rob Aromin for Ward 11

Thank You for your time and support
Together we can Be The Change we want to see!
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